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The Stereo,Red Hot Valentines ,
The Gadjits and Short Round LIVE@FIRESIDE
November 16th 2001
After along time of absence from the Fireside Bowl it was definitely a warm homecoming.
The day started out on a bad note. The Stereo was doing an in store at Reckless Records on Broadway in Chicago. Well after arriving just on time we walked six blocks to the store just to find out that the event was relocated to the Milwaukee ST. store....I was saddened. We really did not have enough time to get to that location. So we just went to the Fireside a little early.
After waiting outside for about an hour we got in. Fireside was packed so you knew that we would have a great time.

The first band up was "THE RED HOT VALENTINES" from Champaign IL. When they were doing sound check I noticed the guitar player..he looked very familiar. It was Toby from FIRST GRADE CRUSH. So I figured the opening act was probably good. I was wrong ..They were awesome!!! FUN INDIE ROCK!! They blend rock/punk/emo guitars with a pop synth! Its really fun music..good to dance to!!!! My favorite song was Everythings Fine. If you get a chance to see them...go you'll have a great time!!

Second was Short Round. A three some from California. Very energetic to say the least. I wish I could describe this band better but my ear was right next to the speaker and by this time I was going deaf. So sorry guys I wish I could say more....But I did like them watch out for them real soon.

Up next was The Gadjits!! PURE ROCK N ROLL.  Great Show!!! Energy and Heart!! They did this song where it was a good ol rock n roll revival!!! AWESOME!!!! Check this band out.

Then the bands of bands +THE STEREO+ Oh how I love this band.... Oh Jamie you rocked.
Backed by BJ of Animal Chin  Chris and Kevin of Pollen (another one of my favorite bands).
The Stereo has had its troubles but that doesn't slow em down. I really don't even know what to say about this band. I love them!!! They  played all my favorite songs and rocked all night long.  Everybody should listen to this band. This made my day..Jamie signed my hat.. How IM excited. But what sucked was my camera ate my film...I wanted pictures of this show so bad. But oh well Ill keep the memory of this show in my heart forever.
Thank you Jamie for your music and inspiration.

Christopher h.