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DEALS GONE BAD , FIRST GRADE CRUSH......AM.Legion Valpo IN 3-24-01
by Christopher Huston and Scott Upston
Just got their in time to see FGC walked in as they started. They rocked  the house as usual. This is the first time Ive seen them since they added a trumpet to their horn section. All in all its FGC ROCK-N-ROLL!!!!!
Then we saw a band that sucked I wont say their name but it was pop punk during puberty.
Then the band we came to see...DEALS GONE BAD!!! i dont know what to say since Ive seen them a dozen times so Ill let Scott take over......After seeing other ska bands and loving it ,  I would have to say that this is probably have to say that this is by far the best ska band that I have ever seen....OK thank you Scott ok well ROK ON!!!!!!