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Christopher Huston
         So anyways , this is the page where I get to Post my thoughts and what not.
Not that anyone will actually read this,,,I thought I would give it a shot!!!

         Well first off I just returned from the land of enchantment...California!!!
I did alot of skating and seeing the sights , hanging out at Huntington Beach ,
driving the freeways and taking in the culture.

         All refreshed I come home and continue the assault on my cd revolutin!!
 Hopefully I will have a full length cd by christmas,,,but Ive been sayin things like that for a long time now.
         Its basically an adventure threw my electronic side. All types of influences on
this one. But Im still trying to decide on a stage name, currently Concrete Junkie

So here are some facts about me:
         22 yrs old
Reside in New Buffalo MI
(soon orange county CA)
I play guitar , drums , bass , trumpet , I DJ , play electronic things  , I skate (for 13 years now)
I listen to punk , ska , techno and organic hip-hop.
Im the brains behind
So thats why nothing ever seems to get done.
I started wearing DICKIES way before anyone else.
I really hate ignorance and racism.
I really do try to boycott the Sawyer Truck Stop!!
I  cant ever seem to thing of things to say when I type...

So Bye!!!