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Formed in 1995 by Christopher Huston and Nathan Staniszewski. This band brought all elements of music into one type of sound!! Pure ROCK N ROLL!!!
Officially becoming MUNCHIES WHEELCHAIR in 2000. The bands final line up is like this!
Christopher Huston-Guitar and Vocals
Todd Hatfeild-Guitar and Vocals
Jared Cortese-Bass and Vocals
Nathan Staniszewski-Drums

The band went through its stages of hardship and bass players. Playing shows in Three Oaks , New Buffalo , New Troy , and LaPorte.
With one full length self titled release Munchies Wheelchair called it quits for like the third or fourth time. Playing their final show ever on April 29th 2000.  The reason for their breakup is still not known at this time.
You can still get your hands on their CD on our catalog page. Or you can check out the members in their respective new projects(THE MISSING DAY  , ABUSING TROY , QUESTION THE URGE ).

Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition Image
1.Better Wings
2. Jacobs Dress
3. Menthol
4. Twisted Fire
5. Anymore
6. Heroin
Recorded Spring 2000
Produced and Engineered by
Christopher Huston
Asst. Engineer and CD Layout
Jared Cortese
band geek records

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