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Welcome to the brand new idea that I just had!!! Instead of letting those old CDs of yours collecting dust why not trade them for something new! You can post your collections here and trade them with other people looking for something that you might of all its free!!!!

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First Name: Luke
 City: Sawyer
 Comments: Much Christian music, if you want it, I probably have it or something close to it

First Name: Craig S.
City: New Buffalo
 Mailing List: Yes

First Name: Christopher H.
City: New Buffalo
 Comments: I ve got Unsane's Occupational Hazards. Its hardcore/skate rock. I would trade it for some old U2 actually IM really looking for some old U2. The one with Sunday Bloody Sunday on it!!!

First Name: kay
 City: three oaks
 MailingList: yes
 Comments: I would like a copy of THE MISSING DAY!!!