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Thursday December 14th 2000
The Missing Day will be going into the studio to record their debut CD , which will be available sometime this spring. Engineering the project will be Christopher Huston. You'll be able to see THE MISSING DAY January 5th at COMMON GROUNDS in Buchanan Michigan starting at 7:00 pm!!!

The band QUESTION THE URGE will also be going into the studio to record their second offering! With some new tricks up their sleeves this CD will definitely be cutting edge.
Also look for it sometime in the spring!

Catch SOMETHING BETTER and ETHER at Vickers Theater DEC.21 in Three Oaks MI!
Everyone needs to come out to this show!

As of November Michigan City Rock Trio DOUBLE O  has split!!
From what I hear it was due to differences in artistic direction

December 18 2000

Well its a sad day....Johnny Socko played in St.Joesph at CZAR'S last Thursday and I missed it. I found out a day late that they were even playing. That's the thing that IM talking about. Why wasn't I informed of this show? I mean someone had to know....     Johnny Socko is a great band!!! Lines of communication need to be opened. So if you'd like to sign up for a street team get in touch. Have a favorite band ? Why just listen to them when you can get involved and change things for the getting a scene started so we don't have to go elsewhere to enjoy get music !!!!!!
IM just on a rampage!!!!
peace !!
Christopher,,,Im outta here..........

December 30th 2000
Well their is only two days left of this year my how time flew by. Lets hope that thing keep moving forward in 2001!
Well their are some shows coming up so ck. out that page . Also Ive still got lots of T-shirts so get your soon!!
Well see-ya next year!!!
Christopher H.

January 6th 2001
Well last nights show at Common Grounds went pretty good. The Missing Day sounded tight and they pretty much packed the place! They played two sets , which the first set was most of the material that will be on the CD  , which will be out this coming week. Titles include LUCY , YAWEH , Rock and Roll has Changed , Who Am I? , a live track from their 1999 performance in Nappanee Indiana and a few other tracks! All available on bgr. !! Also T-shirts from THE MISSING DAY , bgr. , and QUESTION THE URGE are available for a low price of $7.00.

Lets see what else? IM looking for used CDs. BUY SELL TRADE!!! I want to get a fairly good collection started so look through your collection and let me know what you want or what you want to get rid of.

I would also like to take the time to thank all that came to the show last night and all the supporters!
Keep on spreading the word!! Its greatly appreciated!!!
later christoper h .

January 8th 2001
Who wants a job? How about working for no pay but the self gratifacation of working for an up and coming record label!!!
Write me and see what you can do to become part of the elite BAND GEEK MAFIA!!
Everyone is welcome!!

January 22 2001
Ive just been told some very bad news! The great pop punk rock punk band ORANGETREE will be breaking up. This makes me soo very sad. This is all I can write at this time......booohooohoooo!!

Febuary 08 2001
    The missing day make s the paper!!! Check out this article in the Harbor Country News!!!!!!!

June 1 2001
Well I guess Im a little sorry Im trying real hard to keep everything straight. Im working on getting a local venue to put on shows!! So when I do youll all have to come and show your love!!!