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A long time ago in a small town not so far away....I was in my room recording some songs with my friend Jared and we were talking about putting out a tape of our band called QUESTION THE URGE. As we put a few of these tapes together with a piece a paper and a pencil to do the cover art..I thought I should make up a record label name just for fun to put on there. Well after a second or two I had a brain fart the sounded like C-NOTE RECORDS ( I used to be referred to as C-Note)
Well it stuck!! or should I say SUCKED!

After time had passed (we never did the tapes) I joined a band from Michigan City Indiana called TAKE A STAND.
Of course we decided to put out a tape.
Well I just so happened to own (or want to own) a record label.
So I did my best to promote the band and the label. I did some stuff for the other bands that we played with and some bands that I already knew.
More time passes.....
My old band MUNCHIES WHEELCHAIR (actually we just came up with the name at this point)
got back together to record our old songs and put out a CD.
In the process I found out that label I had been promoting for a year was actually a rap label from California....Sadend I quickly changed the name to something more appropriate BAND GEEK RECORDS!!! Actually I like it suits me just fine!!
Well to cut to the chase  I want to do this thing right. I want to give exposure to bands and people in the small underground scene. This has been a passion (more like obsession) of mine for the past year. My life is always will be, either recording , playing , or going to shows.. IM just here trying to get people with the same passion together!
So please if you know bands or your a musician or just like music GET A HOLD OF ME and we'll talk...there's no place to go but up!!!

Thanks for reading this
Christopher Huston